Zenz Lighting Brushes

Create atmospheric scenes from your photos or digital artwork with my high-resolution lighting brushes. This pack contains 10 custom brushes which are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and above.

These brushes can be used to create lighting, spotlights, sunlights and lens flare effects to any photo. You simply click one-time with your mouse and the lighting is applied.

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Before & After

Some examples created with the Zenz Lighting Brushes

Quick and Easy Results

My Lighting Brushes will turn your photos or digital artwork into atmospheric scenes within seconds. This pack contains 10 high-resolution (4096px) custom made brushes which are fully customizable.

If you want to take your photos or artwork to the next level in Adobe Photoshop, my brushes are guaranteed to bring your images to new heights.

Brushes are custom made by Zenja Gammer (Zenz Courses).

Zenz Lighting Brushes


One-Time Payment

  • 10 High-Resolution Brushes
  • JPG Files Included¬†
  • Easy to Use
  • How to Install PDF Included
  • Fully Customizable
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