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Photoshop Digital Art Bundle

The complete bundle of detailed video courses by Zenja Gammer, winner of the Good Design Award 2021. Everything you need to start creating digital art. Are you ready to be the next Photoshop master?

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What You Will Create in This Bundle:

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Floating Bear

You’ll create this awesome magical artwork of a bear floating on a tree trunk that looks just like a painting.

Blending Images

You will learn how to blend images in different environments. My secret technique to make my artwork realistic.

Portrait Wall Art

In this module you will be creating this creative portrait of a lion taking a dive. You will work on lighting, details and colors.

Surreal Wildlife

You'll be learning how to use multiple photos to create surreal artworks. Something that you could see in Disney movies!

Photo Manipulations

In this module we’ll be focussing on realism, you’ll be making this cute and realistic looking raccoon.

Mastering Light Effects

We’ll dive a little deeper into lighting. We’ll be creating light effects from scratch, they can give a real magical vibe to your artwork.

Creative Scenery

In this course you’ll learn how to completely change the scenery of a photo, including realistic water reflections.


In this module we’ll create an eye catching flamingo artwork. You will learn how to work with bright colors.

Floral Art

A 1,5 hour course where you will create a floral artwork. You will learn how to create a detailed digital painting.

Digital Art

Your first full digital artwork in Photoshop! This is one of the first artworks that you'll create so you get used to many different tools.

Contemporary Art

We’ll be creating contemporary art, using many different colorful objects and blending them into one.

Ultimate Lighting Technique

In this module we’ll be diving into the skill of lighting. You’ll learn how to create and edit realistic lighting.

Photo Editing

You’ll be learning how to make your edits look soft and dreamy by using impressive light effects.

Wolf & Butterfly

In this module you'll learn how to create a simple but effective concept of a wolf and a glowing butterfly.

Bonus: Matte Painting

As a bonus I have put together this matte painting course. This will be a real test of your Photoshop skills that you have learned.

More artworks inside!

For Who Are These Courses? 

These courses are perfect for everyone that wants to start creating digital art in Photoshop, but also for experienced users that are looking for new editing techniques. This means that if you are totally new to Photoshop you can follow all these modules and you will be able to create all the artworks that you see above.


What Will I Learn?

In this course you will learn: the basics of Photoshop, how to create art with photos, when and how to use each tool, advanced lighting techniques, how to blend different images together, color grading, masking, drawing realistic shadows, how to use Camera Raw, how to do corrections, using brushes, creating photo manipulations and composites & so much more!

After finishing this course you know how to work with all the tools that you need in Photoshop to create digital artwork. This means that you can also start with making arts and sell it as prints or NFT's.


Satisfied or 100% Refunded

I’m confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy this course. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, no worries, just let me know within 7 days and i’ll give you back 100% of your money.


Photoshop Courses

Photoshop Art
Courses Bundle


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  • Lifetime Access to ALL Courses
  • 13+ Hours of Detailed Training
  • Assets Included
  • 4 Practical PDF Guides
  • 3 Lightroom Presets
  • 15-minute Coaching Call
  • All Future Updates
  • Satisfied or 100% Refunded 

Pay in 3 installments of $65.67 monthly

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Also included

Photoshop Courses

4 Written PDF Guides

If you ever feel stuck in Photoshop, use my written step-by-step Photoshop guide to get crystal clear on what step is next.

There is also a guide on how I find perfect photos & brushes (for free) and a list of ideas to inspire you.

In the monetization guide i'll cover how you sell your artworks, how to approach stores (or create your own) & the best way to price your art.

Photoshop Courses

Live Coaching Call

I want you to have the best possible experience in Photoshop, so I’ll help you with all your art related work.

Just send me an email once you’ve finished the courses and I’ll answer all your burning questions live in a 15-minute coaching call.

If you need feedback with your design work after the courses, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'll give you actionable advice. This way you'll get the critical second opinion.

Photoshop Courses

3 Lightroom Presets

Ever wondered how professional photographers and artists craft the perfect mood in their visuals? Good Lightroom presets are the answer.

These 3 tailor-made Lightroom presets will take your artwork from a 7 to a 10 instantly. Just with a simple mouse click.

These presets also work with Adobe Camera Raw which is included in Photoshop. So you can use them without Lightroom.

What Others Are Saying

Robert Evans

Photographer / Filmmaker

"Excellent courses, great teacher and tips to make a composite matte painting! Many new things that I learned throughout the course."

Elisha Joseph

Digital Artist

"Really enjoyed this course! I only found out about Camera Raw through this course and Zenja really went in depth with it. Loved the final product as well!"

Arny Bennet


"A great course to learn many tools in Photoshop. I Also like how everything is slow and steady, Zenja explains every step in detail. Thank you."

Students Results

You’ll create art like this after every module!

Tania Villard

"Thank you for teaching, makes me want to learn more!"

Mauricio Pérez

"Thanks Zenja, love the courses, I learned a lot from it!"

Frank Glover

"Great courses! Love the steps and good explanation."

Alex Wilson

"Thank you so much! Exceeded what I was looking for."

Kris Kowalewski

"Great course Zenja, I used my own photo taken a few years ago. Thank you for the clear instructions, amazing work you do."

Anita Szymanski

"A very good course for matte painting. Thanks for the clear instructions and great videos!"

Learn Photography Editing & Digital Art

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Complete Photoshop Art Bundle

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Learn to create digital art in Photoshop with 15+ detailed video courses. Made for beginners to get started and find their way through the world of digital art.

Pay in 3 installments of $65.67 monthly

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Modules & Lessons

Your Instructor

Zenja Gammer
Digital Artist & Adobe Photoshop Educator
Age: 35

At 15 years old, I installed Photoshop on my computer, not realizing I was about to be hooked. From there, I embarked upon a career path after earning a degree as a visual designer in Amsterdam. Today, I am a full-time visual designer and Photoshop educator and I enjoy creating digital art featuring animals.

I have reached more than 5000 students with my Photoshop training videos. I always had the passion to teach others the skills I have learned over all these years. After using Photoshop for almost 20 years, I finally felt comfortable teaching others.

Since 2018 I also started with creating daily artwork in Photoshop and uploading these to my Instagram page (@zenzdesign), which has grown over 60K followers. Today I have created more than 500 artworks and I still love sharing my creations with the world and now I am here to teach others to do the same and enjoy every step of it!

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