Zenzdesign Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

Legendary presets that will take your photography and artwork to the next level.

About the presets

These presets will make your photos or digital artwork look better and improve the colors and lighting. They also help with blending images better together, especially when you are creating digital art and you are having problems with blending subjects in your work.

When you open your photo or artwork in Lightroom or Camera Raw, just apply one of these presets and your most of the time done. Adjust the settings slightly to make it fit your image, and to get the best results. Use the ‘exposure’ slider if its too dark/light.

I use these presets on almost all my edits! They are now available for everyone!  There is a “How To Install” PDF file included.

*This digital product requires Adobe Lightroom version 7.3 or later (or Camera Raw) and contains 8 Lightroom presets.

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Before and After With The Presets

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