Learn Adobe Photoshop with Personal Training

Learn Adobe Photoshop with a live video call or a made-to-order video lesson. Decide what you want to learn and set your own goals.

Your Goals Shape The Training Session

Want to Learn Something But Can't Find A Tutorial?

Maybe you like the way someone post processes his or her photos. Or maybe you just want to know how to actually do something specific inside Adobe Photoshop. I got you covered!

How does it work?

I start with researching everything you want to learn in Adobe Photoshop.

This could be: editing photos, creating digital art, post-processing (wildlife) photos in a specific style, you name it!

Once everything is clear for me, I will shape the training based on your goals. Each session or video training lasts max 1 hour.

Your Instructor

Zenja Gammer
Digital Artist & Adobe Photoshop Educator
Age: 34

You Decide What You Learn

(Live sessions will be available soon)


1 Video Lesson

60 Minutes Video Lesson
Screen Capture & Voice-Over
Created For Your Goals
English or Dutch

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